Business and Investment Feasibility Study for Project on the Development of the Commercial Area at Bang Sue Grand Station to Serve as Thailand’s Major Railway Hub

Client: The State Railway of Thailand (SRT)

The SRT has planned commercial development of a 218 rai-plot around Bang Sue Grand Station for maximizing land use, increasing property values and promoting economic and social development. Bang Sue Grand Station will thus be upgraded into a national railway hub and developed under the concept of transit-oriented development or TOD-a form of urban development employed by several leading cities around the world. A suitable project management approach and public-private-partnership schemes shall be implemented including study report production and project analysis in line with conditions defined in the Private Participation in State Undertaking Act B.E. 2556 (2013).

TEAM GROUP was entrusted with study; physical data analysis; approach and business mix specification; engineering and architectural design concept management; marketing, financial and investment feasibility study; risk analysis; environmental impact study and analysis, as well as public relations and market sounding activities.

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