Environmental Engineering

Master Plan for Wastewater Management in River Basins

Client: Wastewater Management Authority (WMA)
Administered by: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd

TEAM GROUP was appointed the consultant for the master plan development of the wastewater management in four major river basins around Thailand, namely Mae Sa river basin in the North, Chao Phraya river basin in the Central part, Huai Sam Mo river basin in the Northeast and Songkhla lake basin in the South. Quality of water resources in these basins has been declined due to the community expansion and human activities.

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The 8th BANGKOK WATER SUPPLY Improvement Project

Client: The Metropolitan Waterworks Authority (MWA)
Administered by: TEAM Consulting Engineering and Management Co., Ltd

The MWA is undertaking construction of water supply facilities under the scope of the Eighth Bangkok Water Supply Improvement Project. This addresses the production system; the water transmission system; and the water distribution system. After project implementation, the total water production capacity at the four water treatment plants – Bangkhen, Mahasawat, Samsen and Thonburi – will be upgraded to 6.32 million m3 per day.

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Biogas Production in BMA Schools

Client: Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency
Solid waste production in Bangkok is increasing constantly. However, some 45% of this waste is biodegradable. Separation of biodegradable waste for the production of biogas is one effective solution to the BMA’s waste disposal problem.

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Constructed Wetland System of Khon Kaen Brewery Co., Ltd.

Client:  Khon Kaen Brewery Co., Ltd.
Khon Kaen Brewery Co., Ltd. discharges over 5,000 m3 of water every day during production of various types of beer for sale in the region. About 1,600 m3 are treated and reused inside the plant. The rest is treated for several days in various ponds to allow the sediment to settle before it is released into the 10 rai (1.6 hectares) of constructed wetland and 44-rai (7.04 hectares) of rice fields.

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