Transportation & Logistics

Construction Supervision for a Sky Walk from BTS’ Udom Suk Station to Bang Na Station

Client: The Department of Traffic and Transportation, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)  

In a bid to promote mass transportation, and enhance the services and convenience for the people in transiting, the BMA’s Department of Traffic and Transportation was to construct an approximately 1,400 m. long sky walk between the BTS’ Udom Suk Station and Bang Na Station on the Sukhumvit Line.

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Feasibility Study Review for Green Line: Khu Khot-Lam Luk Ka and Samut Prakan-Bang Pu Sections

Client: Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand

The Khu Khot-Lam Luk Ka and Samut Prakan-Bang Pu sections are the extension sections of the Green Line network. The Khu Khot-Lam Luk Ka section starts from the Khu Khot Station and runs along Lam Luk Ka Road, passes the Motorway No. 9, and ends at the Big C Hyper Market, Lam Luk Ka branch at the total length of 6.5 km. with four stations.

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Tender Management for Double track Railway Construction for the Lop Buri-Pak Nam Pho Section

Client: State Railway of Thailand

The Double-track Railway Construction for the Northern Line’s Lop Buri-Pak Nam Pho Section will stretch over about 148 km. It comprises two parts: 1) The first part will start from the kilometer marker 136+375 in the Tha Khae area and end at Pak Nam Pho Train Station or the kilometer marker 252+225, covering a length of about 116 km.; and 2) The second part is a bypass route outside Lop Buri town. It will start from Ban Klap Train Station and end at Khok Kathiam Train Station, at the length of about 9 km. of at-grade track and 23 km. of elevated track. The project construction works are ground-level and elevated railways, with single and double tracks; construction of new train stations and improvement of existing train stations; construction and improvement of railroad crossings; construction of CTC building and container yard; and the installation of related signaling and telecom systems.

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Project Management and Construction Supervision for Infrastructure Improvement in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

Client: Department of Public Works and Transport, Vientiane Capital 
Services: Project management and construction supervision

The Department of Public Works and Transport, Vientiane Capital wanted to improve road networks and infrastructure including traffic signage and drainage and sewerage systems in Vientiane Capital. The aim was to maximize utilization of the existing road networks through road condition improvement and to avoid future environmental degradation through provision of proper drainage and sewerage systems along four routes at a total length of 9.55 km. TEAM GROUP was assigned to conduct project management, construction supervision, and quality control.

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