Construction Supervision for a Sky Walk from BTS’ Udom Suk Station to Bang Na Station

Client: The Department of Traffic and Transportation, Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA)  

In a bid to promote mass transportation, and enhance the services and convenience for the people in transiting, the BMA’s Department of Traffic and Transportation was to construct an approximately 1,400 m. long sky walk between the BTS’ Udom Suk Station and Bang Na Station on the Sukhumvit Line.

The Project works consisted of soil quality survey and testing in 15 pits; utility systems relocation including electricity, telecommunication, tap water, drainage, and traffic signage; demolition of two pedestrian flyovers; refurbishment of five pedestrian flyovers; and construction of a sky walk with the total area of 7,150 sq.m. Also included was the installation of a lighting system, sanitary system, and CCTV system. During construction, the traffic system improvement, environmental impact mitigation measures, public relations plans, and traffic management were to be undertaken.

TEAM GROUP was assigned to provide the construction supervision, as well as the inspection, and progress report preparation services.

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