Study on Maximum Flood Level and Design of Flood Protection System for a Thai Cane Paper PCL. Factory

Client : Thai Cane Paper PCL. (a member of SCG)  

The second factory of Thai Cane Paper PCL. in Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province does not have a permanent flood protection system. Currently, only a road at only one meter elevation above the project area runs parallel to Phra Prong Canal. The project compound is surrounded by a concrete well and barbed wire fence with a total length of approximately 6,600 m. The factory contains a rainwater drainage system with a storage tank for addressing water shortage in dry seasons.

The heavy flood in September and October 2013 at Phra Prong canal watershed area, specifically in Sa Kaeo Province and Kabin Buri District caused flooding to the south and east of the factory. TEAM GROUP was assigned to study and analyze the maximum potential flood level and design flood protection system for bolstering buildings. Construction cost estimation and tender document preparation were part of the terms of reference.

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